5 Signs Of a Healthy Sex Life

5 Signs Of a Healthy Sex Life

1. Love Your Body

A healthy sex life starts with loving our body. Positive feelings associated with our thoughts,weight, physical condition, sexual attractiveness, and thoughts about our body during sex help promote healthy sexual functioning. A relationship expert and Author April Masini believes a poor body image, or poor health and an awareness of it, can lead to a complicated sex life.

During one of Masini talks she said – “Your body is the instrument you use to have sex, so when your body is in good health and you feel good about it, you’re less likely to feel it’s an obstacle to having sex” .

2. Maintain Good communication skills

Yes even for a healthy sex life, you need to maintain a communication skill. A healthy sex life relies on the good communication skill. It’s about communicating what we want and what our partners want in the bedroom. Good communication takes effort, and it doesn’t always go smoothly, but attempting to talk with one another about desires can make sex enticing.

If you find it tough to state your sexual hopes, you may find texting your partner about your fantasies is easier than face-to-face or in-the-moment declarations of desire. But, you need to build the courage,it gets better when communicated.

3. Say No to Counting

Whether you’re doing it a few times a week , once or twice a month, focusing on a number isn’t a great way to assess your sex life. Sometimes you feel the need for it, but heck! it’s a day out of schedule. Scheduling on the long run can even result to cheat. Yes! cheating. So, the most important thing is to enjoy the satisfaction you derive from your healthy sex life.

4. You should be happy together

Being happy together can not just increase your living style,life span but also your increases your sex life. The smile and kiss, the hug and sexy play that makes you go into the mood happily are sure to having a healthy sex life.

5. You never say NO

You can’t be in the mood at all time, maybe not you. But giving a capital no answer is not the best way to go. You should try a convincing method and show it in a communicating manner. A big no to sex can be provocative.  Say no in a nice way and sleep to enjoy your dreams.


Key Note

Sexual health is not all about sex; it’s about how you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally. Hope you have a healthy sex life



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